More and more people acknowledge and recognize bicycle as a convenient mode of transport. The bicycle is the key to faster, greener and healthier cities. Cyclists are legitimate road users, but they are slower, less visible and more vulnerable in a crash than motorists.

Cyclists need special infrastructure at complex intersections and on busy, high-speed roads. On the other hand, in small towns it will be sufficient to have lane markings on the roadway, sharing it with motorized vehicles. However, it is important to remember that all streets in a city should safely and comfortably accommodate bicyclists, regardless of whether the street is designated as a bikeway.

Since a cyclist on the sidewalk is almost invisible to the motorist, the chance of an accident in an intersection increases, thus it is not advisable to place bike paths on the sidewalk, unless it is possible to clearly delineate them. On streets with segregated shared cycle track/footway there should be detectable warning surfaces so to advise visually impaired people to keep to the pedestrian side.

The ability to navigate and understand the neighbourhood can promote a sense of safety and comfort for cyclists. Sense of insecurity and tension is reduced for cyclists by being able to identify the best and most convenient routes. Wayfinding is a costeffective and highly visible way to improve the bicycling environment. This can be achieved by signs and visual cues, such as landmarks, natural features and other visual cues, including those on the roadway. This can especially help infrequent cyclists.

Maintaining the roadway in good condition is especially important to cyclists. The quality of pavement and manholes need the most attention. Rough surface holes, sewer grates and gaps can cause the cyclist to lose control and fall.

Since it is hard to find secure parking, a lot of people are discouraged to ride a bicycle. It is not enough to have a safe lock, there needs to be a safe place as well. Seeing a bike locked to a tree, pole or gutters is a common sight in the city, but this solution may not always protect the bike against thieves. Therefore, it is important to install secure bicycle stands.